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THE cast


Salman Khan is back as Chulbul Pandey. Chulbul is a ‘dabangg’ (fearless) cop who believes in coming down with a heavy hand on crime and criminals. The self-proclaimed ‘Robinhood’ continues to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Chulbul works hard to strengthen the family ties with his stepfather and half-brother as well as on romancing his newly wed wife.

RAJJO – Sonakshi Sinha

Rajjo is Chulbul’s soul-mate. She matches up to his antics and is sometimes a step ahead of him. A dutiful daughter-in-law, a caring sister-in-law, she nurtures the Pandey household. As any expectant mother would she eagerly awaits the arrival of Junior Pandey.


Baccha Bhaiyya is a criminal turned politician. Crafty and calculative, he has his eyes set on the big prize – winning the forthcoming elections. His desire to go legit is stronger than everything and he is willing to destroy anything that comes in the path of his ambition.

PRAJAPATI – Vinod Khanna

Pandeyji now becomes ‘Papa’, the patriarch of the Pandey clan. Chulbul and he finally bond as father and son. Like every father he looks out for Chulbul and the family even if it means chastising Chulbul.

MAKKHI – Arbaaz Khan

Makkhanchand Pandey continues in his dim-witted ways. In his wife Nirmala’s absence, he finds himself lost and thus ends up being a butt of a lot of jokes.


CHUNNI – Nikitin Dheer | GAINDA – Deepak Dobriyal | SP ANAND MATHUR – Manoj Pahwa | AWADH NARAYAN – Yuggal Kishore | BENI PRASAD – Achyut Poddar | ANJALI – Sandeepa Dhar | CONSTABLE CHAUBEY – Ram Sujan | CONSTABLE TIWARI – Pradeep Choudhary | SUB-INSPECTOR SIDDIQUI – Gireesh Sahedev | HEAD CONSTABLE SHARMA – Yogendra Tiku | CHACHU – Mukesh Bhatt | KHILAWAN – Pankaj Tripathi | RADHE – Rajiv Khachru | FEMALE REPORTER – #1 Flora Saini


NIRMALA – Mahie Gill, MASTERJEE – Tinnu Anand


THE plot…

Salman Khan is back as Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg 2, the second adventure in one of the most successful franchises of all time in Indian cinema. In Dabangg 2, Chulbul Pandey battles the evil goon turned politician Baccha Bhaiyya, as he tries to strengthen his family ties with his father and brother, romance his newly wed wife and still remain ‘Dabangg’ (strong and powerful) no matter what.

THE synopsis…

Dabangg 2 is a continuation of the amazing exploits of Chulbul ‘Robin Hood’ Pandey played by Salman Khan. The notable facets of the character include his nonchalance, his wry sense of humor and his tongue-in-cheek dialogues. In the first film, Chulbul was pitted against Chedi Singh a local goon. Chedi Singh killed Chulbul’s mother Naina Devi (Dimple Kapadia) and Chulbul avenges her death in the movie’s climax.

Thus his family now consists of his stepfather Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna), his younger half-brother, Makhanchan “Makkhi” Pandey (Arbaaz Khan), Makkhi’s wife Nirmala (Mahi Gill) and his wife Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha).

This film begins with Chulbul being promoted from being a local inspector in a small town Laalganj to becoming an Inspector-in-charge of Bajariya Thana, a police station in Kanpur, the largest and most populous city in Uttar Pradesh.

After arriving in Kanpur, Chulbul immediately gets into action thus bringing him in conflict with Baccha Bhaiyya (Prakash Raj). Baccha Bhaiyya is a criminal turned politician. Baccha Bhaiyya is aided by his two brothers, the cool and collected Chunni (Nikitin Dheer) the archetypal brawn in the trio and Gainda (Deepak Dobriyal) the impulsive, hotheaded younger brother.

On numerous occasions Chulbul and Baccha Bhaiyya end up at loggerheads but Baccha Bhaiyya’s strong desire to go legit and the keen advice from the senior political leader Awadh Narayan Singh (Yuggal Kishore) prevent him from taking on Chulbul.

Chulbul continues to be aided by his trustworthy band of constables from Laalganj and also makes new associates in Kanpur. Chulbul also receives the whole-hearted support of SP Mathur (Manoj Pahwa).Chulbul also receives the whole-hearted support of SP Mathur (Manoj Pahwa).

If in the earlier film we witnessed Chulbul’s strained relationship with his stepfather Prajapati, in this film, we see Prajapati emerge as the true patriarch of the Pandey family. We witness Chulbul and Prajapati’s father-son bonds grow and deepen throughout the film.

We also get to see the romantic Chulbul woo his new bride Rajjo who is now the lady of the house. She exercises her rights and matches Chulbul in his wayward ways.

In a happy ending, Rajjo gives birth to Junior Pandey.

If Dabangg marked the return of action films, Dabangg 2 takes it to a higher level with some of the coolest action sequences ever conceived. The soundtrack of the film contains five original songs each with a promise of being a chartbuster like its predecessors. All in all, Dabangg 2 promises to be a full on entertainer, Chulbul Pandey and his sunglasses et al.