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Dabangg2 Music Took Just 2 Hours : Sajid Wajid

Dabangg2 Music Took Just 2 Hours : Sajid Wajid

One of the factors contributing to Dabangg’s success is its music. With Dabangg 2 just round the corner, expectations are really high. Comments.
S: People loved Dabangg, be it the film or the music. Every song was a chartbuster. However, Munni Badnaam was Lalit-ji’s composition which Arbaaz Khan had already heard and approved. So we were asked to compose the other tracks. As far as the music of the sequel goes, we know the essence of Chulbul Pandey’s character as well as the film. So when Arbaaz came over, we finalised all five tracks in just two hours.

W: Arbaaz was thrilled to have us compose the music in so little time. He even joked saying, “I had told my wife I would return home late. But now she will wonder whether we did any work at all?” We will know if we’ve delivered as per people’s expectations only when the music is released. Sajid and I are both excited and nervous about this album…

What is Salman Khan’s reaction to the tracks?

S: His reaction has been simply awesome. When he heard the songs, he said if we compose such good music, what will other music composers do? That compliment from him was something, especially since he always gives an honest reply and gives inputs to make the song better.

W: Salman is always enthusiastic about music. And like Sajid said, certain songs were composed keeping his character in mind. He loved the lyrics and the feel of those songs. For instance, we have retained the catch phrase Hud Hud Dabangg although the music in the sequel is doubly powerful, just like Chulbul’s return.


How much of your success do you owe to Salman?

S: We started working with him, and owe him everything. Whatever we are today is mainly because of him. In the film industry, talent alone doesn’t help. You need the right people backing you. We were lucky to get Salman’s support. For us, he is a godsend.

W: Salman Bhai stood by us like a rock at a time when nobody was willing to back us.


Unlike a majority of music directors today, your music retains its classical undertones. Is it part of your USP?

S: Of course it is. If you look at new music composers, they have surely added variety to the existing body of work. Though there was a phase in between when melody had completely disappeared from Hindi films. But now you see originality as every filmmaker’s top priority.

W: As far as our jodi is concerned, we always believe that new talent should be encouraged and mentored.


But in this industry or anywhere when two brothers work together, eventually it leads to problems, be it creative differences or any other.

S: Believe it or not, till date, we both don’t have individual bank accounts. We use a joint account and money has never and will never come between us in future.

W: We are always on the same page even as far as creative aspects of music are concerned.